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Many will wonder, why at La Bodeguita del Medio restaurant you can eat the best Creole food of Cuba and the answer we get from the Academy Awards of Restaurant Industry of the United States granted the Best of the Best Five Diamonds award, something as well as the Oscar of the culinary art worldwide, which was awarded the restaurant La Bodeguita del Medio in December 1991.

La Bodeguita del Medio restaurant is a mecca of Cuban Creole food, and the place where one was created traditional drinks of the country: the mojito. There has paraded half the world. Its exact location is on Empedrado street No. 207 e/ Cuba and San Ignacio, just 100 meters from Cathedral Square in Old Town, declared the latter by UNESCO Cultural Heritage of Humanity.

But for those who do not know the history of this restaurant we will tell you that in the distant year 1942 Angel Martinez buy a grocery store a Hungarian immigrant, which was subsequently amended in a similar winery that are in any town in Spain, but with a twist that makes it unique: it was located in the middle of the street and not at the ends as was customary; for this reason we all began to name as: La Bodeguita del Medio.

With the passage of time and the influx of journalists, writers and editors who need to make calls at the last minute to correct notes and verify data and so seeing always full of customers waiting for the phone, bodeguita began to sell drinks and coffee to liven waiting for the turn. Then he began serving typical local food dishes to satisfy hunger, becoming restaurant.

In 1949 he enters as a cook Silvia Torres, 'Chinese', which would make his art of cooking into a successful business. On April 26, 1950 was officially inaugurated the Bar - Restaurant La Bodeguita del Medio. With the triumph of the Revolution in 1959, Angel Martinez stopped being its owner and became its state administrator until his death.

The Mojito of La Bodeguita del Medio.

Indoor Hall Restaurant Bodeguita del Medio in Cuba

They say that one day the writer Ernest Hemingway entered the restaurant La Bodeguita del Medio and took a mojito and liked it so much that left a thank you note. Since then they have continued to stop by leading figures of the XX and XXI, such as Gabriel García Márquez, Salvador Allende, Agustin Lara, Pablo Neruda, Nicolas Guillen, Joan Manuel Serrat, Joaquin Sabina, among others century. All have left their memories in pictures, pennants, and above all in the hundreds of firms that fill the walls of the century-old building.

Is the restaurant La Bodeguita del Medio house quintessential mojito, drink prepared with Havana Club rum, natural water and good grass ornaments; it is also the exquisite roasted or fried masses of pork, with the delicious fried plantains, black beans and homemade desserts accompanied by an aromatic coffee and live Cuban music to help you recognize at La Bodeguita del Medio restaurant extra with all places created to excellence of taste and especially with an authentic Cuban flavor.

There are now appointed local restaurant La Bodeguita del Medio elsewhere in the world such as Mexico, Colombia, Venezuela, Germany and England.

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