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coppelia ice cream parlor

If you are walking through Havana and feel warm and wanted to rest a good place to stop and relax it is the Coppelia ice cream parlor. This well-known ice cream shop is located on the corner of 23 and L streets in Vedado neighborhood and is a true event, and was destined to become a classic corner because of the excellent quality of its ice cream.

Ice cream is a favorite treats Cubans of all ages and eras. The first sorbetería was installed in 1807. Due to a climate that annual average is around 30 degrees, people like to cool with ice cream, alone or with cake (cake), biscuits and syrup. Or shake with ice.

When the June 4, 1966 the Coppelia ice cream parlor opened, offering a menu with 26 flavors and 24 combinations. That day more than 3,000 ice cream tubs were sold and during the twelve hours was open, queues were several blocks.

It is one of the most beautiful buildings in Cuba, fruit of the talent of architect Mario Girona, and the collaboration of the architects Maria Rita Grau and Candelario Ajuria. The structural analysis was carried out by Maximiliano Isoba Engineers and Gonzalo Paz.

The main building consists of reinforced concrete columns cast in place, prefabricated beams on site and a circular roof, whose dome 40 meters of free light, consists of ribbed slabs and topped by a skylight of colored glass that It measures four meters high and five meters in diameter. The beams fly over the terraces and walls are supported by buttresses function they perform. The diameter of each floor of the upper rooms is 12 meters.

coppelia ice cream parlor

The ice cream shop is open 24 hours and has a waiting room with tables and chairs where foreign tourists are grouped. In the rest of the store, the largest part, they are local customers to do a long line to buy ice cream. The tourist gelateria charges in convertible pesos and ice cream for Cubans in Cuban pesos.

The taste most requested is the strawberry and chocolate, by the well-known film, and right there you can buy a bottle of mineral water for you out the sweet mouth when you finish the ice cream and even also sell puddings are exquisite.

The conception of Coppelia was so well received that was filled and never has been emptied. It has a capacity to serve 1000 people simultaneously, and opened with an offer of 26 flavors, of which 10 are left today.

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