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The rich history of the Restaurant Bar El Floridita with its flagship drink Daiquiri keeps endearing anecdotes of what was and is Havana, its choicest visitors: culture, art and social life that have enjoyed excellent cocktails and exquisiteness its dishes based on seafood, prepared by expert teachers in the International and Cuban cuisine, which has a unique seal and can only be found here between these walls and preserved despite the passage of time.

El Floridita boasts not only for his distinguished cocktail bar; has the most elegant and exclusive restaurants of Havana, it offers the best of national and international food and a varied wine list. Run by an excellent team and prestigious musical groups accompanied by the rhythm of the unmistakable notes of traditional Cuban music.

At the start of World War I in 1914, he became a bartender at La Piña de Plata, Catalan Constantino Ribalaigua Vert. The invariable behavior of respect to his office, gave immediate category Constans, who was his popular name. The house is now lettered with the number 557 Bishop Street, corner always Monserrate, and operated as a restaurant with the flavor of Lapont, a French chef very fashionable.

In 1918 he passed the property on behalf of Constant and won credit for the purity of their drinks, as well as a cheerful and respectful treatment. It was a school of bartenders, bartending qualified, legitimate students Constant, silent and tenacious teacher who made his art a liturgy of great alchemist ceremony, a show of professional dignity.

In the beginning it was known as 'La Piña de Plata', shortly after 'Florida' and closer to today 'El Floridita', as it is known in the world, even in our times.

Hemingway and the Daiquiri

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A Ernest Hemingway only was enough a visit to Floridita to be in love forever one of the most important corners of Havana and Cuba 'La Cuna del Daiquiri' was in the 30's, when he wrote the draft of 'For Whom the bells' and now there was his bust, unveiled in 1954.

The Daiquiri was Hemingway's favorite cocktail. He drank about 12 cups in the day and another called the 'stirrup' was carried; for the road, while returning in his car from El Floridita your Finca Vigia, on the outskirts of the capital, which is now the museum that bears his name. But that Hemingway daiquiri was different. The original recipe blender mixed in a half teaspoon of sugar, a quarter ounce of lemon juice, maraschino drops one and a half ounce of white rum and a good amount of crushed ice. However, Hemingway was reduced sugar and rum doubled to make it more vibrant and purifier.

For his famous Bar have passed several generations of Cubans and foreign visit as Havana, as well known as Giorgio Armani & Ornella Mutti, Imanol Arias, Jean Michel Jarre, Matt Dillon, Pierre, Turner – Fonda, Pierce Brosnan, Naomi Campell, Compay Segundo, Ana Belen and Victor Manuel, Fernando Campoamor, Paco Rabanne.

In 1953 'Esquire' magazine recognized him as one of the 7 most famous bars in the world and in 1992 he was awarded the Best of the Best Five Star Diamond Award from the American Academy of Gastronomic Sciences as the King of Daiquiri and specialized Restaurant in seafood most representative.

Today the company Extrahotelera Palmares has establishments with the same name in other cities with similar success in London, Madrid, Dublin and Moscow.

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