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The Cabaret Habana Café of the Hotel Meliá Cohiba is today one of those places of obligatory visit, which is reached first by recommendation and always returns by its own volition. If you decide to travel to Cuba, you can quickly find it thanks to its privileged location at the intersection of the central Paseo Avenue and 3rd Street, in the heart of Vedado, in the lower part of the Hotel Meliá Cohiba.

Following the line offered by the famous Hard Rock Cafe and Planet Hollywood theme centers, the designers made their own with a tropicalization of the concept, dating back to the 40's, 50's and 60's of the last century, in a Cuba that enjoyed World-famous for its glamorous nightlife.

The comfort and originality in the interior decoration of Habana Café, constitutes one of its main attractions. It is noteworthy the presence of two cars: a convertible Chevrolet and a Buick of 1957. No less attractive are the two-seater YAK-18 and the 47 Harley Davidson motorcycle that complete the decoration of the place and have served as the backdrop for countless Photos taken by the site visitors.

The artistic program favors that the stage passes the best and shines of the Cuban culture. The mythical Buena Vista Social Club project, the master Chucho Valdés, the popular singer-songwriter Pablo Milanés, Los Van Van, the Charanga Habanera and the Isaac delgado salsero, have done theirs for the bass of the Cohiba. Top dance companies give colorful to the shows, following the guidelines set by the famous Cabaret Tropicana.

The space also has a restaurant that offers a menu based on simple dishes, some whose origin is in a Cuban recipe, and others of Italian or Mediterranean court. They also have an excellent selection of rum.

This, together with various reasons of all kinds, became merit and sufficient basis for Tripadvisor, considered the most important travel website in the world, will grant the Certificate of Excellence 2014. This award recognizes those businesses that achieve high Scores among the internauts who have lived the experience.

Buena Vista Social Club

buena vista social club

The renowned musical group Buena Vista Social Club has been announced as its habitual headquarters to Habana Café del Melia Cohiba. The group composed by legendary Cuban musicians who cultivated the Son Cubano in the years 1930-1950 and part of which they reunited in 1996, mainly to record and to make international presentations that transcended with the obtaining of a Grammy and the nomination To the Oscar of the film Buena Vista Social Club.

To speak of Buena Vista is to evoke Ibrahim Ferrer, Rubén González, Pío Leyva, Manuel Licea (Puntillita), Compay Segundo, Manuel Galván; Great artists that are no longer there, and also to reaffirm the presence of Omara Portuondo, Eliades Ochoa, Amadito Valdés, Barbarito Torres, Papi Oviedo and Guajiro Mirabal, among others.

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