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The Havana Club rum highest quality and symbol of the most genuine products of the island of Cuba meets the most varied and demanding tastes. The sales growth in the international market by Havana Club International S.A., especially in the European market, located on the famous drink in place 25 of the annual world ranking and is marketed in more than 125 countries, with a significant increase.

Through history the Havana Club has been recognized worldwide for the quality they achieve teachers, long tradition of natural aging in barrels of oak, climate and the venerable island territories of the largest of the Caribbean islands, where grown sugar cane. All these attributes granted to the popular Cuban rum a unique flavor. Molasses contains fresh aromas and saccharides with a bouquet peerless accompanying this rum an intense and incomparable flavor. It is made from sugar cane molasses in the region and aged in oak barrels soft.

Cuban industry produces a variety of flavors: Añejo Blanco, Añejo 3 Years, Añejo Especial, Añejo Reserva Añejo 7 Años, Añejo Solera San Cristobal, Cuban Barrel Prof., Gran Añejo 15 years (it also includes, among the best rums world) and Maximum - Ron Extra Añejo, divided into categories of White, Gold, Premium and Super Premium Dark.

The greatest demand in the market are: Añejo Especial, Añejo Reserva and Añejo 7 years. The Special Añejo is the blend of rums aged for 5 years. Its bright golden color gives a warm look. Intense aroma, with light smoky notes of vanilla, honey and cinnamon, persistent mouthfeel, you can drink alone or with ice, while the Añejo Reserva retains an intense flavor, which helps to perceive aromas of cocoa, tobacco, coffee and spices, you can drink alone, with ice and is excellent for mixing in a Free Cuba. Rum Havana Club Añejo 7 years is a stylish and exceptionally rich rum. It is amber and transparent color. It retains a taste of cocoa, vanilla, sugar cane, chestnuts, carameralizadas tropical fruits, spices and bittersweet. Special to drink alone, with ice.

According to historians, the existence of Havana Club rum dates back to 1878, year in which Jose Arechabala opened the distillery 'The Vizcaya' in Cardenas, Cuban province of Matanzas. The name Rum responds to traditional Cuban roots and the famous Havana and the night world internationally known clubs of Havana. In the Plaza of the Cathedral of Havana, the Havana Club in 1935 he found a privileged space. Also among the 30 to 50 for cocktails at the Havana Club bar they were conditioned to receive the most famous visitors of the time: Mary Pickford, Marlene Dietrich, Jean-Paul Sartre, Ernest Hemingway, Nat King Cole and Gary Cooper.

Museum of the Rum Havana Club

ron havana club museum

Reach the colonial mansion of the Avenue of the Port 262 Sun corner in Old Town, it produces an unforgettable feeling since the threshold is crossed and the imaginary transfer to another era experienced.

Walking through the courtyard with large arches, strong columns, high strut and thick walls in the style of the XVIII century feel being an adventure, which is stronger when the drink of Havana Club Añejo 7 years savors.

The Museum also has extensive offerings, among which may be mentioned, dinners and lunches in the bar-restaurant to enjoy traditional Cuban music played by renowned artists, special tasting of three rums in the Havana Club range with the explanation of the characteristics of each, as a comparative tasting, bartending classes, music at night time with members of the Buena Vista Social Club shows and tasting rum and tobacco, with a brief explanation of the marriage, one of the most requested services.

Its main attraction is the tour of the wonderful world of production of rums, from planting cane, to the exquisite ritual of aging in barrels, through the history of the sugar mill, sugar factories, train steam, and fermentation processes, distillation and filtration.

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