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Havana City

The Cuban capital was selected in Dubai, in the New7WondersCities initiative, as one of the seven great cities of the world, according to said Bernard Weber, president of the organizing foundation. The vote through the official website of the foundation, was totally popular and included millions of citizens around the world.

The other cities who shared this distinction, the statement were La Paz (Bolivia), Durban (South Africa), Beirut (Lebanon), Doha (Qatar), Vigan (Philippines) and Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia), highlights information from EFE.

The Villa of San Cristobal de La Habana, founded on November 16, 1519, has an area of 721 square kilometers, 2.1 million Cubans live. The city displays a variety of periods and styles that sometimes coexist in the same block without anyone be surprised that mosaic.

The result was issued on video by the founder-president of New7Wonders, Bernard Weber, who called the seven winning cities as representatives of "the global diversity of human society". He also said that "form part of the global memory of mankind, to join the new seven wonders of nature (New7Wonders of Nature) and the new seven wonders of the world (New7Wonders of theWorld)" collected by its foundation.

Weber, renowned filmmaker and Swiss millionaire, said the election was carried out from "more than 1,200 candidates from 220 different countries" in a context in which "for the first time in human history more than half of the population of our planet live in cities. " He recalled that the most important cities in the world are not on the list, such as New York or Tokyo, because people, in their choice, recognizes values such as culture and various other potentials.

Havana World City

Havana was mostly chosen by the tourists who visit it, because they have discovered the magic that other cities do not, full of difficulties but unique because its architecture was at the time and people try to evolve. And hence the concept of "Wonder" because it is simply what people think. Hence take into account the global vote.

This result recognizes not only the architectural values of Havana (many of whose exponents are in dismal condition) but their culture, idiosyncrasy and history. It also represents a significant contribution to the tourism sector, one of the main economic lines of most West Indian state.

But most important of a city is not the architecture and traffic but its people and there they that Havana will take advantage of many other cities worldwide. Cubans, unique and unrepeatable, able to make the most friendly joke in the most tragic moments and solidarity with as their own people's pain, that's also what makes the city great, that gentleness, that innate grace, that desire to help others is no longer much seen in the world today.

There are those who have criticized the election as observed difficulties, only, regardless of culture, brightness and movement of this city put a special touch of distinction in the eyes of the many visitors who come to it annually to walk its streets.

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