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Red Room of Capri

The Cabaret "Red Room" of the Hotel Capri is one of the nightclubs of Havana most established between the capital and visitors from all over the world. Stands out among the facilities of its kind that combines excellent cultural proposals demanding food services, which allow you to enjoy the best of the kitchen and the Cuban and international cocktails.

The cabaret is located at the intersections of the streets 21 and N, in the central neighborhood of Vedado, a few meters from the National Hotel and Habana Libre; open to the public every day, offering a seductive art show well into the morning.

In the 50s many investments in the Cuban hotel industry, among them the creation of a tourist resort comprising accommodation offers, casino and cabaret was were undertaken. That was how the Hotel Capri with its 19 floors and 250 rooms and its casino, designed by Cuban architect Jose Cánaves in 1956 and inaugurated during the holidays of Thanksgiving 1957.

The living history is closely linked to the business stay and the Italian-American mafia on the island. Its status casino offered the cover for the practice of other activities prohibited by law, such as drug use and prostitution.

On June 23, 1961, just over two years after the revolutionary triumph, the old casino became a cabaret with the name "Red Room" with the presentation in its scenario of important shows and Cuban figures who passed through its land plus members of troupes or illustrious visitors as Benny Moré, Fernando Alvarez, Gina Leon, Lino Borges, OmaraPortuondo, Moraima Secada, Tito Gomez and Cesar Portillo de la Luz and the legendary Frank Sinatra, Nat King Cole, Pedro Vargas y Libertad Lamarque as well as recognized actors, including Gregory Peck, Jack Lemmon, Robert de Niro, and Hispanic American figures like Silvia Pinal, Paco Rabal and Mario Benedetti.

Red Room - Hotel Capri

Opened in late 2013, he again became one of the classics of Cuban night, and presents a formidable cabaret that combines traditional style with some innovative proposals. Its dimensions, relatively small, favoring vision, contact and confidences.

The show nightly tempered by renowned artists of the current cultural landscape of the country, refreshes memory and proposes new visitors a tour of those special moments of Cuban music, from the work on the scene of an artistic cast of proven quality. They manage to create an environment in which everyone, artists and public, local feel like a proper place.

But not only culture proposes Capri Red Hall. Your stay can be accompanied by excellent gastronomic offers and a wide bartending, drawn up by highly qualified personnel, able to satisfy the most demanding tastes.

Decades of work have made the Red Room of the Hotel Capri in one of the busiest cabarets of Cuban nightlife. The intimacy of its atmosphere and acoustics, make it memorable for those who decide to spend a few days in the capital of the island site.

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