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The Cabaret Tropicana, is internationally known as 'a paradise under the stars'. It opened its doors in the distant year 1939 in the former grounds of Villa Mina, in the Havana neighborhood of Marianao, was since then identified by its large arched glass.

The Cabaret is located in a sort of forest with large trees like Palmas Real, mamoncillos, mangos, cedars and others. In addition, he gave his shows all enhancement with the best artists of the time. Acclaimed figures by the crowds as Nat King Cole, Josephine Baker, Libertad Lamarque, Cheo Feliciano, Rita Montaner, Elena Burke, and Snowball, among others, have been part of the large cast of starry nights of Tropicana, which has not stopped for a moment to offer national and universal art.

Its main hall can accommodate a thousand people spread around the stage or moving track, surrounded by palm trees and air ramps used by artists in the show. The shows tend to compromise the participation of hundreds of artists between dancers and musicians.

For those who prefer more at ease Tropicana environments has other spaces, restaurant Los Jardines and the bohemian Café Rodney, among others; but nothing comparable to the Great Hall Under the Stars, one of the most legendary sites of Havana.

Identifying symbol of this Havana cabaret it is a sculpture of a dancer in 1950 by the Cuban artist Rita Longa, and to a lesser extent it is also the source of the Muses, the Italian artist Aldo Gamba, installed in 1952 at the entrance of cabaret.

In 1992 the American Academy of Restaurant Industry gave Tropicana Award Best of the Five Stars Diamond the best cabaret of the Americas, not just the class of this habanero symbol recognized, but paid tribute to its rich history over half a century, at the time.

In the Hall under the stars, the cast of Tropicana has always been the falling of the stars at night to give art born from within, that over time, leaves an indelible mark on the genuine hearts.

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