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In order to make your trip to Cuba an unforgettable experience, we have compiled a group of articles on the most popular and iconic tourist spots in Havana, we recommend you do not miss on your trip to the island. A wide variety of places to consider such as monuments, tourist centers, museums, restaurants, entertainment and recreational centers.

Havana was honored in 2013 with the Travellers' Choice award as one of the top ten destinations in the Caribbean, seduced by its nostalgic appearance, where time seems not to have passed.

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The Malecón of Havana
Published for: Alexander Espinosa Alvarez; 1004 views
The Malecón de La Habana is undoubtedly one of Havana's favorite spots, both for tourists and nationals, an area that spans more than eight kilometers along the north coast of the city from La Punta Castle to the Chorrera ...
The Cathedral Square in Old Havana
Published for: Alexander Espinosa Alvarez; 769 views
The Cathedral of Havana is one of the symbols of the city of Havana. Located in the very heart of Old Havana (Stoned Street 156), in the oldest part of the city in an area declared by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site in 1982. It is ...
Collection of the Museum of Fine arts of Cuba
Published for: Alexander Espinosa Alvarez; 1033 views
The National Museum of Fine Arts of Cuba is composed of two main buildings: the Cuban art and universal art. The institution responsible for treasure, restore, preserve, promote and investigate the works that are part of our heritage ...
Morro-Cabaña architectural complex in Havana
Published for: Alexander Espinosa Alvarez; 1344 views
The Morro-Cabaña architectural complex is known for being one of the most emblematic Cuban Fortresses. It consists of El Castillo de los Tres Reyes del Morro and the Fortress of San Carlos de la Cabaña. El Faro, next to the Castle, has ...
The Square of the Revolution Jose Martí
Published for: Alexander Espinosa Alvarez; 911 views
The image of the Square of the Revolution has traveled the world countless times, as the undisputed home of the events of a people determined to transform their own society. Its area is small when the habanero people seem to ...
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San Cristobal Restaurant
Published for: Alexander Espinosa Alvarez; 970 views
The pleasant atmosphere, the adequate air conditioning, plus its gourmet food, international and Cuban, have made the restaurant San Cristóbal an obliged referent of foreign and national visitors despite the inexpensive prices. Its owner is the chef ...
Restaurant La Guarida in Havana
Published for: Alexander Espinosa Alvarez; 833 views
The private restaurant (paladar) La Guarida became famous, in addition to its excellent Cuban cuisine, as one of the main stages of the film by Tomas Gutierrez Alea and Juan Carlos Tabio "Strawberry and Chocolate" in the year ...
The Restaurant Floridita of the Havana
Published for: Alexander Espinosa Alvarez; 1008 views
The rich history of the Restaurant Bar El Floridita with its flagship drink Daiquiri keeps endearing anecdotes of what was and is Havana, its choicest visitors: culture, art and social life that have enjoyed excellent cocktails and exquisiteness ...
Coppelia Ice Cream Parlor of Havana
Published for: Alexander Espinosa Alvarez; 1176 views
If you are walking through Havana and feel warm and wanted to rest a good place to stop and relax it is the Coppelia ice cream parlor. This well-known ice cream shop is located on the corner of 23 and L streets in Vedado neighborhood and ...
Restaurant Bodeguita del Medio in Old Town
Published for: Alexander Espinosa Alvarez; 840 views
Many will wonder, why at La Bodeguita del Medio restaurant you can eat the best Creole food of Cuba and the answer we get from the Academy Awards of Restaurant Industry of the United States granted the Best of the Best Five Diamonds ...
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Habana Cafe Cabaret
Published for: Alexander Espinosa Alvarez; 600 views
The Cabaret Habana Café of the Hotel Meliá Cohiba is today one of those places of obligatory visit, which is reached first by recommendation and always returns by its own volition. If you decide to travel to Cuba, you can ...
Red Room of Hotel Capri
Published for: Alexander Espinosa Alvarez; 1367 views
The Red Room Cabaret of Hotel Capri is one of the nightclubs of Havana most established between the capital and visitors from all over the world. Stands out among the facilities of its kind that combines excellent proposals ...
Cabaret Turquino of Hotel Tryp Habana Libre
Published for: Alexander Espinosa Alvarez; 775 views
Located on the top floor of the Hotel Tryp Habana Libre, the Turquino Cabaret offers live entertainment with salsa groups in the most prestigious and varied music. One of the additional attractions that visitors have the Turquino Cabaret ...
Cabaret Parisien of National Hotel
Published for: Alexander Espinosa Alvarez; 1313 views
Located in the National Hotel of Cuba, the Cabaret Parisien offers an extravagant and vibrant show. However, it has always been in an elevated position in terms of recreation, environment and Cuban popular music. It is one of the most ...
Cabaret Tropicana of Havana
Published for: Alexander Espinosa Alvarez; 901 views
The Cabaret Tropicana, is internationally known as 'a paradise under the stars'. It opened its doors in the distant year 1939 in the former grounds of Villa Mina, in the Havana neighborhood of Marianao, was since then identified by its ...
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Santeria Yoruba Religion
Published for: Alexander Espinosa Alvarez; 8045 views
La Santeria is one of the most important religions in Cuba. Its origins date back to ancient Africa. Santeria retains the basic characteristics and traditions of an ancient African religion practiced in Nigeria by the Yoruba people ...
Havana: City World Wonder
Published for: Alexander Espinosa Alvarez; 774 views
The Cuban capital was selected in Dubai, in the New7WondersCities initiative, as one of the seven great cities of the world, according to said Bernard Weber, president of the organizing foundation. The vote through the official website ...
The Exquisite Cuban Coffee
Published for: Alexander Espinosa Alvarez; 805 views
Cuban culture in obtaining arabica coffee dates back more than 250 years. The knowledge in the cultivation and care of the grain has been passed from father to son and so from generation to generation, becoming a family tradition ...
The Rum Havana Club of Cuba
Published for: Alexander Espinosa Alvarez; 1285 views
The Havana Club rum highest quality and symbol of the most genuine products of the island of Cuba meets the most varied and demanding tastes. The sales growth in the international market by Havana Club International S.A. ...
The best Pure Havana cigar of the World
Published for: Alexander Espinosa Alvarez; 1218 views
If you like smoking tobacco and want to delight in the best tobacco in the world you can not help but taste a Habano cigar, famous in the world. A perfect combination of soil, climate and humidity result in a product that is described by ...