Exchange Rate, Credit cards and Banknotes CUC in Cuba

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The official currency in Cuba is the Cuban peso. All purchases and services are made in Cuban convertible pesos (CUC) and can be changed at hotels, airports, banks and exchange houses (CADECAs).

This Convertible Peso replacement all foreign currencies as currency in stores calls in foreign exchange, restaurants, taxis, hotels; which previously they had all their prices in dollars. The exchange rate of Pesos Convertibles has changed and is subject to change National Bank of Cuba.

Credit Cards: Cabal, Transcard, Visa, MasterCard are accepted in most establishments. American credit cards are not accepted, so if a Visa card is issued in the US is not accepted, but if it is issued elsewhere in the world, if accepted. You can extract cash of cards in several banks throughout the island, but it is more comfortable to carry much of the money going to spend cash. Travelers Cheques not changed.

Currency Exchange in Cuba: Upon arrival in Cuba you will exchange their Euros, US Dollars or Canadian, francs or other currencies at the airport or at the hotel by CUC. It can also be redeemed at the Exchange (CADECAS) located in different places of the cities. When you leave, you can recanjear the leftover CUC that the currency of your country, but remember, there's a bank tax when you change the currency.

NOTICE: Do not think that in Cuba the Cuban Peso and the Convertible Peso are the same thing. Consider Convertible Peso as "dollar" and the Cuban Peso as "weight". The exchange rate between the two currencies is $ 1 CUC = 24 Cuban pesos.

Exchange Rate: The average exchange rate between the euro and the CUC is 1 euro = 1.35 CUC and the US dollar is 1 dollar = 0.86 cuc. Note that the international exchange rate CUC in Cuba depends on the establishment where the change takes place. However, the following link will help you get a general idea of the current CUC exchange rate against other international currencies in Cuba. See Exchange Rate Today for CUC.

CUC exchange rate at Banco Metropolitano (see current exchange rate)


GBPPound sterling (*)1,47607
JPYJapanese Yen107,75
MXNMexican peso16,7638
EUREuro (*)1,17757
USDDollar USA 0,96852

(*) CUC per Euro and Pound Sterling. USD is applied to 10% tax

Denomination Banknotes and Coins of CUC

Cuban convertible peso circulates in notes of 1, 3, 5, 10, 20, 50 and 100 pesos and coins worth 1 peso. Its fractional coins are 1, 5, 10, 25 and 50 cents.

1 cuc peso
3 cuc pesos
5 cuc pesos
10 cuc pesos
20 cuc pesos
50 cuc pesos
100 cuc pesos
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