Information about medical services in Cuba

medical services

With full warranty and coverage of emergency medical services 24 hours work in every tourist region International Clinics, who as observation unit diagnosis, treatment and if necessary, referral is responsible for the evaluation, a multipurpose hospital.

Cuba has natural conditions that have led to the development of health tourism and has increased efforts to ensure comfortable facilities and equipped with the most innovative and highly qualified technical.

In all the Hotels in medical services offered, in most 24 hours, with specialists in General Medicine. It also offers specialized medical centers and other restoration and carefully made programs in this discipline.

They provide surgical treatments, marrow transplants, programs for the elderly and children, cosmetic surgery. Also checkups or medicinal water spas with therapeutic modalities like thermal baths and therapeutic gymnastics, always alternating the holidays with the benefits of these anti stress facilities or treatments at resorts for the purpose.

Insurance tourists arriving to the island

Since May 1, 2010 to all travelers, foreign and Cubans living abroad, a policy of travel insurance with medical coverage is required in order to enter the country.

This provision also applies to foreigners with temporary residence in Cuba, except diplomatic staff and representatives of international organizations accredited in the Caribbean nation.

Insurance policies shall be issued by recognized insurers on the island, and not having the same can be purchased at the entry points into the country.

Cira Garcia Central Clinic

clinic cira garcia

It is a General Surgical Hospital for exclusive attention to adults and children, most of Medical, Surgical and Obstetric-Gynecologic specialties. The "Cira Garcia" Central Clinic belongs to the system that provides specialized medical care preventive-curative and rehabilitative services.

Among the services offered are the inpatient, outpatient, emergency, diagnostics, stomatology, plus home services and medical escort patients from and / or to their country of origin by a medical community and nursing renowned.

The clinic employs staff with professional doctors, dentists, registered nurses and other professionals and health technicians that together with a set of associated renowned specialists and qualification, enables it to provide its services and meet the needs of any patient and their families.

The excellence of the medical care offered is based on its services are at the same level as that achieved in the field of global medicine and supported by the professionalism and scientific-technical staff, level ethical and human values which make it possible for their patients feel secure and confident in the services they receive with full satisfaction of their expectations regarding the care and welfare as human beings.

Pharmacies for foreigners in Cuba

In Cuba there are special pharmacies for foreigners who are managed by Servimed. It is important to clarify that if you should take any regular medication is convenient to have the amount of medication you might need during their stay in the country.

If your trip to Cuba you need to go to hospital to attend should call Asistur (7-866-4499 or 7-866-8427 Urgencies) for help with health insurance and healthcare. Asistur has several regional offices in major cities of Cuba.

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