Customs current Regulations in Cuba

customs regulations

Customs of the Republic of Cuba has among other missions detection and fighting drug trafficking, terrorism and smuggling, as well as protection of the population, the domestic industry and the environment, so you should apply controls on persons and goods entering or leaving Cuba.

In any of the points where you are arrive or leave the country, either a port, an airport or marina, you will find inspectors and specialists professionally qualified customs are in the provision and obligation to streamline their procedures and provide all information you request.

The Customs officials are identified with the emblem of the Cuban Customs on the left sleeve of the uniform with the name ADUANA on the top of the left pocket and a solapín having the photo, name and an individual number (clearly visible) which carries it. Anyone who does not have the uniform and distinctive described, is no customs official.


What I can import as part of my luggage?

  • Accompanied baggage: the passenger or carries it brings.
  • Unaccompanied baggage: when the same, or part of it, arrives or departs before or after the departure or arrival of the passenger.

In addition to their personal effects, which no customs duties are paid, passengers can import as part of their luggage, non-commercial character and subject to payment of customs duties that apply, new and used items to the limit value authorized thousand (1,000) pesos. The value of the items that arrive in the country as unaccompanied baggage be part of the maximum allowed value of that passenger.

Minors, provided they have completed ten (10) years, have the right to import goods to the limit of the set value. For the act of the office must be assisted by an adult to represent you. All children under ten (10) years can only bring their personal effects, according to age.

They are exempt from payment of fees:

  • Up to 10 kilograms of drugs.
  • Made pharmaceuticals, wheelchairs for invalids, scientific, technical, art and literature; musical scores; discs, tapes, slides and film for teaching films; prosthesis, when replacing or replace an organ or part of it; and equipment, books or materials destined for the blind persons.
  • Disposable adult assholes.
  • Used personal objects, that bring with passengers in general and the Cuban crew of ships and aircraft and seafarers.
  • The households of houses and personal belongings of people arriving in Cuba for the purpose of permanent residence, as established in the legislation.
  • Products for the personal use of foreign residents in Cuba fellows and materials necessary for their studies, while maintaining that condition; also they can import one (1) computer with its peripheral elements, once during the duration of the stay of them in the country.
  • Medals, decorations and prizes awarded abroad, and products as gifts or awards received Cuban citizens in their capacity as scientists, athletes, artists and others, provided their origin is shown with the corresponding document.

They allowed free of duties and taxes products, which as temporary importation, bring foreigners in their status as artists, athletes, scholars, scientists, journalists and filmmakers, transit passengers and those arriving in the country in special circumstances.

Suggestions passengers to expedite clearance of your belongings and avoid unnecessary inconvenience:

  • Properly fill the Customs Declaration when appropriate.
  • Bring items that are exempt from payment (medicines, etc.) in separate and independent from the rest of your luggage packages.
  • Adjust the value of imports to the authorized limit of 1000 pesos.
  • Do not bring excessive amounts of the same article, where it may be assumed that importation has a commercial character.
  • Do not bring items that are subject to permits or licenses from other agencies without first having Authorization Document.
  • Do not bring items whose import is not permitted.


Every traveler can take as part of their luggage to leave the country his personal effects. You can also carry:

  • Souvenirs or memories of your stay in the country.
  • The quantity or nature gifts not denote a commercial character.
  • Up to 3 bottles of liquor and 200 cigarets.
  • Up to five thousand (5000) USD or its equivalent in other freely convertible currencies.

The export of the following items and products are not allowed:

  • Cultural property declared part of the Cultural Heritage of the Nation.
  • Books manuscripts, incunabula (published between 1440 and 1500).
  • Books and pamphlets have stamps library of the National System of Public Libraries and Agencies and Institutions Cuban and Cuban books editions "R".
  • Books, pamphlets and foreign serials printed in the XVI to XVIII centuries and Cuban published in the XVIII century.
  • Lobster, in any amount and form of presentation.
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