Useful tips for tourists traveling to Cuba

useful tips

In order to make your trip to Cuba an unforgettable experience, we have compiled these useful to make or plan your trip to the island councils. Things to consider in your briefcase, recommendations and cautions to consider in the territory to enjoy even more of this beautiful destination.

Our tips will help on how to dress in the hot summer of the island, required for entry to the country and other issues that are sure to be of interest.

Documentation: Passport validity date at least 6 months. Those traveling as tourists must have a tourist card or visa, acquired in the Cuban consulates, and travel agencies or airlines authorized for this.

The card or tourist visa is valid for entry and exit to Cuba and have a duration of 30 days from the date of arrival in Cuba, easily be extended for another 30 days. If you want to extend your tourist visa you can do in the Immigration and Nationality.

When to go: Cuba is a warm, tropical island, because it is located on the Tropic of Cancer. That is, they usually get very hot. Most tourists visit Cuba during the period from December to April, although the beaches are usually very crowded in June and July.

Transport: It is best to use taxis or tourist buses. If the distances are short, always walking is the best solution. In Havana you can not miss a walk along the Malecon or Old Town on a Coco Taxi or a "bike-taxi". You'll love it.

Security: Cuba is one of the safest countries in the world with a low crime rate. On the island tourists are treated with respect by the Cubans and find lots of cops ready to help at all times. Still, be careful and cautious. Prudence and common sense is always the best thing when you travel, also in Cuba.

Wardrobe: Choose fresh, comfortable clothing (cotton, linen ...) and comfortable shoes (sandals type). If traveling in winter with a light jacket or sweater cotton and a closed shoe, you'll have enough. And of course, do not forget the swimsuit, sarongs, and above all, high protection sunscreen, a hat for the head, sunglasses.

Telephone Communications: From Cuba can call any city in the world from any International Telephone Center, but be careful and do not overextend, calls to or from Cuba are very expensive. If you have mobile, bring it, especially if you come with a group of people. SMS are very useful when the group broke up for some reason. In general, the mobile must have standard GSM in the band of 900 MHz.

Drinks: Drink plenty of water, depending on the time of year you go, the heat is strong and the danger of dehydration if you're not careful, important. Take bottled water, better to be cautious. Typical beers are the Cristal (soft) and Bucanero (stronger). Juices or fruit smoothies are normally natural and very good.

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