Migration formalities to travel to Cuba

migratory processes

Cuba is the most open in the world in terms immigration country. All citizens of any country can travel to Cuba without any immigration restrictions including Americans. persons persecuted for international justice linked to drug trafficking, terrorism or other crimes are excluded.

To travel to Cuba only need an airline ticket (round trip), passport valid for 6 months from the departure of your flight and tourist card or visa. Arriving in Cuba, immigration offices do not put the stamps of entry and exit on the passport, but on the tourist card or flyer visa.

All business travelers (except journalists, attend conferences and wishing to study in Cuba) need a visa regardless of their nationality. For this type of visa it is necessary to make a request in the commercial office of the Embassy of Cuba; Once the application has been approved visa will be managed at the consulate.

The people of Cuban origin who are citizens of other countries and left Cuba after 1970, must travel with a Cuban passport.

Tourist Card or Visa

Where to buy your Visa: The tourist card or visa, you can purchase in the airlines or travel agencies where you buy your ticket for travel to Cuba. You can also buy Cuban embassies consulates and in their country of origin. The tourist card or visa is not consulted. You should only ask, pay and deliver it immediately.

Validity of Visa and extending time: The tourist card or visa has an initial term of 30 days. If you wish, you can request an extension of 30 days. This management should you do personally in immigration offices in Havana or in the city where you are. For this extension must pay a $ 25.00 CUC.

Journalists: If you are professional press, radio or television and travels to Cuba with the purpose of doing journalism, photography, films, etc., must obtain a Type D-6 visa at the consulate or embassy of Cuba in their country of origin and duly accredited to the International Press Center in Havana.

Other professionals / long stays: If the reason for your trip is for work, business, health or education, and staying for more than two months, it is advisable that you take a special visa at the Cuban consulate in their country of origin.


* In case of loss of passport in Cuba, you should immediately notify immigration to obtain a duplicate prior payment of the fee.

* If you go to stay at a private house, you must provide a real address of accommodation immigration officers entering the country.

* You must remember that leaving the country must pay $ 25.00 CUC airport tax.

* Since May 1, 2010, it is mandatory to have health insurance to enter Cuba, and to be present customs policy to enter the country.

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