To inscribe accommodation private houses

register for rent

You can register your private home for FREE, ie without any cost and in a very easy form on our website, simply meet these three requirements:

1. You must have official permission rental: Without this permission may not if possible registration as it is against the law to use this service without state approval, plus 100% of our houses and apartments have this certification for security and customer peace of mind.

2. You must have direct communication (telephone): It is necessary for communication between the owner and the group quickly and safely, without intermediaries, as are many houses and we can not go house to house, plus we as response time confirmation the accommodation in a shorter time of 24 hours and we meet this time.

3. The property must be located in our accommodation areas: At the moment we are working the private houses of Havana in the following areas: Vedado, Centro Habana, Habana Vieja, Miramar, Playas del Este and other areas of Havana. In the tourist destinations outside of Havana we are working the private houses of Viñales, Varadero, Trinidad, Cienfuegos, Santa Clara, Camaguey, Santiago Cuba and Baracoa.

After you send us your contact information, we will call you to arrange a visit and take the photos and data that we need from your lodging house to publish on our website. If you live outside Havana, you will be sent a Word document with the information to fill about your house and the instructions on how to send us the photos of your residence.

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