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We are the most complete and comprehensive Directory ONLINE of Accommodation of rooms in hostels, houses and apartments for all travelers wishing to visit Havana, Cuba and share the hospitality of our people, we also provide an extensive travel guide for many of the issues interest to those who have never visited Cuba. With more than 8 years in the activity Hospedajes Management, it characterizes the seriousness and efficiency of our services.

Travelers can search for and select the houses or apartments personalized accommodation that meet their requirements and needs, providing all the information on where wish to stay. The room reservation will be confirmed in a short time from the moment the traveler makes the reservation itself and its data will not be used for other purposes outside the reservation.

Our site has, at present, with a group of lodging houses and apartments divided by the most visited areas of Havana. 100% of our private homes have official permission established by the Cuban government to hire foreign tourists. Furthermore all our rooms of our houses and apartments are comfortable, cozy, safe, offering very affordable prices within everyone's reach.

In hostels, apartments and homes for rent in Havana they may better understand how to live and idiosyncrasies of the Cuban people, they can invite their Cuban friends (which in hotels is prohibited) and so always feel close support and the warmth of one of the liveliest and most hospitable countries in the world. features the work of a professional group that handles all the selection work, photography, information, programming and design thereof, whose main objective is to promote accommodation rooms in houses and apartments in Havana and other tourist destinations in Cuba and it has been carefully selected to a group of owners who meet the most demanding conditions to provide optimal service.

Please contact us if you need information about our services or any related issues through our contact.

Advantages of reservation in private houses on our website!

  • SPEED: In the shortest time possible to get answer of your reservation or the like.
  • CONFIDENCE: We certify that 100% of the homes have legal permission to provide this service.
  • CONFORT: Pleasant stay, in a suitable environment for your enjoyment.
  • HOSPITALITY: Feel at home, attend efficiently and personalized.
  • TRANSPORT: Pick up service at the airport (payment) for transfer to the selected house.
  • OPTIONS: We provide a search engine with more than 300 houses of accommodation for their choice.
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