Service of Request of Accommodation of private houses

Application Accommodation Havana

If you need a specific search for accommodation private house in Havana, you can send in your application data such as desired location or somewhere near hotel room, hospital, resort, streets within the city, an owner name, number people to locate, another province or tourist destination.

You can also send any need within the rental, such as kitchen, dining room or other requirements, we will send the information of all the options that best suit your needs.

NOTICES: While more detailed the description of your request is, more possibilities we will have of satisfying your needs. The dates of come (going) and output (return) of the house of rent must be as exact as possible to verify availability of these days.

Example of Request of Accommodation of private houses

Hello, we are a group of 6 Mexican travelers, 2 men, 3 women and 1 child and we need to book 2 rooms in independent house in Vedado, the best possible of the National Hotel from day 2 to 5 February and from 5 to February 7 the same but in Varadero, in the vacation need to have separate bathrooms and kitchen. Thank you very much for your interest. We expect your quick reply.

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