Excursions service in Havana City in classic cars

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HospedajeHabana offers a variety of tours and excursions in Havana. Our programs in Havana are popular. We offer professional guides, tours of Havana at affordable prices for all budgets. Unique excursions and attractive prices.

Discover the delights of Havana during a trip in time. Classic cars have become one of the cultural symbols of Cuba. On this trip you. You can feel the real magic of Havana, learn more about this amazing city, full of beauty and contrasts, stories and legends, enjoy its ancient and modern neighborhoods, parks, squares, and more.

City Tour Havana in classic cars

The tours will depend on the number of hours to rent and include the following places to go: Havana Malecon, Tunnel Bay of Havana, El Cristo de La Habana, Morro-Cabaña Complex, Paseo del Prado, Central Park, Capitolio National.

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We continue our tour of the modern part of the city: El Vedado, University of Havana, Columbus Necropolis, Revolution Square, 5th Avenue toward the residential neighborhoods of Miramar and Cubanacan. During the tour we will stop at some places they like so they can enjoy the view and take pictures.

Service2 hours3 hours4 hours5 hours
City Tour Habana
(up to 4 persons)
70 CUC100 CUC130 CUC160 CUC

If you are interested in a specific course, we can also adjust the route. For more information and booking please [CONTACT US]

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