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Playa Girón: In the Bay of Pigs (Playa Larga and Playa Giron) you can dive in the open sea or in flooded caves cave-system and appreciate the diverse and well preserved marine flora and fauna.

This dive is done on a coastline of over 40 km along the entire coastline without boats in the vicinity of the slope. The natural conditions are exceptional for snorkeling and diving in about 11 points allocated for these purposes.

Scuba Caribbean has Instructors and Dive Masters with extensive professional experience, they have certifications ACUC and CMAS, our goal is to provide a pleasant stay in our country, at the same time provide the opportunity to discover and admire the beauty of our seabed, ranked among the most beautiful and preserved the Caribbean.

Dream, imagine, discover and feel what only the Caribbean can offer in our tour packages diving.

Program Activity 2 days at Playa Girón

First day:
Collection at 8:00 am in the place you. Select. Departure to Playa Girón. Arrival at Playa Giron, where two dives will take place in Punta Perdiz, excellent diving spot. Where fish eat hand. It also has a wreck, small caves and excellent wall. Accommodation in a hostel in the town. Dinner. Free night.

Second day:
Breakfast. Transfer to Zapata Peninsula, Biosphere Reserve and seat of the largest wetland in the Caribbean islands, to visit the farm crocodile, flagship facility of the territory showing the reproductive cycle of the crocodile and the House of saithe, where life is presented and tradition of families in the territory coaling Return to Havana.

The price for each tour package at Playa Girón is:

  • Group 2 and 3 persons 239 CUC/pax
  • Group 4 and 6 people 191 CUC/pax
  • Divings extra (57 CUC)
  • Night divings (13 CUC, extra)

Our offer prices are given in CUC per person and based on double room sharing. When the accommodation is made in a single room, will be charged an extra 15 cuc.

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Note: Our offer of 2 days sightseeing tour to Playa Girón NOT RIGID and travel can alter your route or schedule based on customer requirements or weather conditions, always respecting the places and time agreed duration.

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