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Old Town was declared by UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1982. It is considered the heart of the Cuban capital for its own people and also for those who visit daily, is one of the seven first villages founded by the Spaniards in Cuba, which was created from the port, the official center and the Square of Weapon.

Here are all the big ancient monuments, fortresses, convents and churches, palaces, alleys, gates, columns, bars, and especially its people, who live is this "colonial set" rated by experts as the most rich Latin America. Poets, artists, sculptors, writers depict Old Town from different perspectives, always reflecting it is a living historic center, with people learning to value the heritage legacy for five centuries.

And right now the five squares founded during the colonial era are almost rejuvenated in its entirety, with the colors of the time, and the customs and experiences of yesteryear with the support of cultural institutions and the government of the town are rescued.

According to statistics this municipality is one of the most densely populated throughout the country, with more than 50 thousand inhabitants. It has a thousand buildings dating back to the sixteenth century, and many not so old but with numerous architectural values.

They proliferate in this area today accommodation tourist attractions in the colonial part. Small restaurants and hostels, luxurious hotels or makeshift kiosks along the boardwalk overlooking the bay, are places that visitors can choose to eat or take a refreshing drink when the temperature exceeds 28 degrees in almost all seasons.

In this environment many neighbors have prepared rooms, modern and colonial houses for rent to visitors who want to live with the Cuban family and learn about their customs, folklore and be close to the main historical and tourist sites departments. You can stay with absolute certainty in any of the houses we offer you. Prices of private guest houses in this area are between 30 and 35 CUC per night.

The Cathedral of Havana

Cathedral Old Town

The Cathedral of Havana is one of the symbols of the city of Havana. Located in the heart of Old Town (156 Empedrado Street), in the oldest part of the city in an area declared by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site in 1982. It is one of the most beautiful and sober area American Baroque churches. With a front baroque style that contrasts dramatically with a sober neo-classical interior, the Cathedral of Havana is one of the most splendid of the Cuban capital that must not fail to visit colonial buildings.

Square where the Cathedral of Havana is located is usually a busy, lively place, not only for the faithful who come to the temple, but also because there artisans gather to offer their beautiful Cuban handicrafts, therefore it is an ideal place to go and buy some beautiful memories of our trip to Havana place.

Places of Interest of the Old Town:

Square of Weapon, Castle of the Real Force, Square of The Cathedral, Cathedral of Havana, Museum of Colonial Art, Convent of Santa Clara, Walk of the Prado, Presidential Palace, National Museum of Fine arts, National Capitol, Palace of Captains general, Lonja del Comercio, The House of the Havana cigar, Church of the Holy Spirit, Palace of Segundo Cabo, the Temple, Museum of the Tobacco, House of the Obra Pia, Oswaldo Guayasamin House, Square, Church and Monastery of St. Francis of Asis, Museum of Ron, Old Town Square, and Museum Cigar Factory Partagas, Hotel England, Central Park, Morro Castle, San Carlos de la Cabana, San Salvador de La Punta, between others.

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