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It is entirely a residential neighborhood "period", crossed by the famous 5th Avenue. Miramar begins exactly at the end of the Malecon, after the tunnel of the Americas. It is the quintessential neighborhood of embassies and most beautiful private homes built in the styles of the 30s and 50. The Russian Embassy is a monument in itself, they call it "the control tower." It has one of the best equipped supermarkets in the city, called and located on the 5th and 42.

Miramar is one of the main residential areas of Havana, capital of Cuba, in the beach municipality. The Cuban upper class lived here before 1959 in sumptuous mansions and houses with pool, large patios and other amenities. It is located off the coast made possible the existence of numerous spas, yacht clubs and social clubs of the wealthiest sectors.

The area acquired a new investor and tourist image with buildings of steel and glass as the Melia Habana, the Mirazul and Beautiful Coast that colonial Cuban elements mix with modern neo glassed. Other buildings that stand out are the Russian Embassy, the Miramar Trade Center and the Palace of Conventions. There stand out also several discotheques and cabarets like Tropicana or Le Select, the fashion house in Cuba known as La Maison, where fashion shows and parties are held VIP type, is another busy place.

Miramar has several parks with many trees most with roundabouts in the center. Miramar apples were built imitating Manhattan, especially 5th Avenue. The majority of private houses are luxurious mansions eclectic facades, with large gardens and swimming pools. Prices for hosting private houses are between 30 and 40 CUC per night.

Marina Hemingway

Marina Hemingway

Located on the 5th Avenue, it is the main marina of the island and the best known internationally. It has magnificent port facilities that support the berthing of megayachts up, accommodation in hotels, private villas and bungalows, restaurants and bars and shopping centers. Able to absorb up to 400 boats simultaneously (200 in mode of life on board) in its 4 channels 5 meters deep it is also home to several fishing tournaments and international regattas.

The Marina Hemingway is considered ideal for travelers who enjoy the Caribbean sea crossings site. The base also is a must for international regattas port, becoming technical point scale sailing to other latitudes. The Marina provides crews essential basic services (water, electricity, fuel, communications and cable television), although there is also the infrastructure to accommodate the lodging services to the most demanding tastes.

Places of Interest of the Miramar:

Marina Hemingway, Model of Havana, National Aquarium, Jesus Church of Miramar, Russian Embassy, Palace of Conventions, PABEXPO, Center for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology, National Center for Scientific Research, International Center for Neurological Restoration, Air Museum, Hotel Melia Habana, Hotel Panorama, Hotel Neptuno, Hotel Triton, Hotel Comodoro, Business Center Miramar, Cubanacan Nautica, among others.

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